Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Investigating the Presence of NLP Mind Techniques in Obama's Speeches

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Many of my friends have been trained in NLP and hypnotherapy. These are very effective techniques that, in the right hands, are healing and supportive.

It is also possible to use these techniques covertly (without someone's knowledge).

It does appear that Obama is utilizing some of these methodologies in his presentations.

It does not appear that he is unaware of it.

First you should see some of the following video clips (just pick one or two if you'd like) in order to realize how effective these techniques truly are:


(At the end of this article are more video links that explain how this person accomplishes these things.)

Below is a video of an instructor teaching these techniques. It will help you understand what is being implemented in Obama's speeches.


You might want to watch part of the above video and then watch the entire video later on as you realize how many of these methodologies Obama is using. But if you can, especially try to watch the last few minutes, as it demonstrates the "because" factor that Obama uses quite effectively.

...and then read through this article below as much as you want. It's very credible. You may not want to start reading until page 27, as a lot of technical language and explanations are in the first few sections.


...and then of course one has to end by reading the words of Obama's followers themselves (notice the iconic posters - they are actual posters being used by the campaign)...


More about subliminal, conversational, covert, NLP hypnosis...

Subliminal Messaging explained:

People on Train explained:

Color Blind explained:

Wallet and Watch Lifter explained:

Oh - and I don't know for sure if the author writes about the gesture used by Obama when talking about Hilary during the primaries, but here's the clip in case you missed seeing it. I wouldn't have believed it, but I DO know what I see, and he indeed meant it. Most pundits dismiss it because they cannot imagine Obama consciously using this gesture (many younger people do this - it's not as though people wouldn't recognize it).

Personally I believe an explanation may be that Obama forgot that this gesture is already well known, and unthinkingly included it in his subliminal signals.

Here's the video:


...and another "take" on it...


...and a video of his using the more polite two-fingered way:


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